GENDER-NEUTRAL   adjective      suitable for, applicable to, or common to both male and female genders.      "gender-neutral games and toys" denoting a word or expression that cannot be taken to refer to one gender only. "gender-neutral terms like flight attendant, firefighter, and police officer" NON-BINARY   adjective       not... Continue Reading →


Nottingham Trent university!

Since seeing Sum 41 on the March 4th with Cameron, Nottingham quickly became one of my favourite places. I fell in love with the beauty of how the old buildings mixed in with the new ones, the old castle that sat on top of the rocky hill, the tale of Robin Hood and how the... Continue Reading →

The most relaxing place I know

Center Parcs, forests full of life, a place where a gentle, calm and relaxing atmosphere can be created for everyone to unwind and enjoy themselves as they appreciate those around them. On Friday the 30th of June, I woke up at my then boyfriend’s house at around 8AM looking forward to the long weekend ahead... Continue Reading →

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