Art and Fashion


A piece inspired by a personal interest in Norse mythology, looking specifically at Thor’s armor and the area that the Norsemen lived in, following the theme of repetition. Constructed from hand pleated tissue paper and card with a wire frame.



Who knew you could love a city you’ve never been to before so deeply? a skyline full of concrete blocks, creating a mesmerizing scene… A symmetrical monochromatic cotton shirt with an enlarged shirt collar, sleeves and panels both inspired by the scene of New York’s skyline.



Every image has a story… For this project I worked in a group of 5 to design a print that had a story which we would use to construct a garment for our end of year fashion show, our group’s chosen story was the original Grimm Brother’s Rapunzel; for this print I drew the portrait and vines as well as gave input on how the print should look. For the garment we had to make it oversized to fit with the current trend, I took inspiration from   Rapunzel’s long hair and the modest style of her dress. For the fashion show I designed and manufactured thorn crowns to compliment the group’s garments, these were made with wire and hot glue.






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